Sourirat – The Asian Gaudi

Sourirat - The Asian Gaudi


2 thoughts on “Sourirat – The Asian Gaudi

  1. No, it’s in Nong Khai in Thailand, but the guy that built it, Sourirat, was Lao, and also built one on the Laos side near Vientiane. With the arrival of the communists he moved to Nong Khai with his followers and built this amazing Buddhist Disneyland of fantastical sculptures, which are enormous. It’s really incredible that so few people know about it. The Circle of life is worth a visit on its own. You enter through a giant penis which ejaculates into a vagina and follow his vision of the story of life, from birth to death, mesmerising, like Monty Python on acid. It’s all loosely inspired by Buddhism and Hinduism, but given an extra erotic twist. Amazing.

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