4 thoughts on “Logs

    • Yes. I take a lot of bracketed shots when I can – Ev 0,-2,+2 – and run them through Photomatix.I don’t see any reason not to. You’re covering a lot of exposure which you can work with in any way you like. I’m fairly new to it, so I’m still learning. You have to achieve you’re own balance, I think, and just practice a lot. Some people harp on about being natural, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Ansel Adams manipulated all his images in a darkroom and now we do it on a computer. There’s no difference – taking the shot is only half the job. I try to produce an image which surprises me and tells me something new about myself or my view of the world. Picasso put it best when he said: Art is the lie that tells the truth. Thanks for the comment and best of luck with your photography.

      • Thanks for the information! I’m new to the idea of HDR photos, and I’m thinking of investing in some software (Photomatrix seems to be the one that is mentioned most often) I love the look that you can get with it, but I also think that it can be over done. I agree each person needs to find balance with any kind of developing and show it to the world the way he or she sees it. That is the point of photography after all, it is the perspective and view of the photographer. Your shots on your blog are beautiful, I look forward to seeing more!

  1. Thanks man. All I can say is play with it. You can overdo it, but that’s part of the learning process. Some of my early stuff is embarrassing. And you can always do it again. You still have your original RAW files. Experiment. It’s another string to your bow and gets you to think about photography in a much freer way. It’s like opening a door to a new perception.

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