The Camera Escaped!


The Isaan Photographic Project

For 2012 and 2013 I will be living and documenting, through my photographs, rural Thailand – specifically the poor North East area known as Isaan. This is an area of Thailand which is not very well known, most travelers bypassing this region, and has yet to be affected by the mass tourism which is destroying the culture of other parts of Thailand and South East Asia,  it is in turn unfamiliar and familiar. Isaan has its own language and very distinct culture, and although parts of it are modernising at a fast pace (see Convenient Life), you can still turn off into a little lane and walk down a track into the centre of a land that time forgot. The people here are mostly poor rice farmers, working from dawn to dusk in the back breaking heat with little recompense. It’s a village society centred around the temple and everybody knows everybody else, but it’s changing as poverty and lack of opportunities and money encourage the young to migrate to the cities (like 19th century Europe). In my photographs I want to record both the rural landscape, as it seems frozen in time, and the bewildering changes that are happening all around the people who live here  – consumerism, technology, crime, the loss of beliefs and customs.

To access the photographs you can click on BLOG for all my photographs and the most recently added work. The photographs are also categorized into different aspects of Isaan life. If you click on one of the categories above and click on one of the photographs you will gain access to that gallery of images pertaining to that particular category.

Enjoy your visit and you’re welcome to comment.

Paul Woodhouse

Maha Sarakham

Click on the map to enlarge – the multi-coloured area is Isaan, which as you can see is central to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Free Workshops – Donations Accepted

If you’re planning on visiting Thailand or South East Asia and you’re interested in photography why not join me as I photograph the local area.

           You will learn and improve storytelling and story composition by analyzing real-situations, planning a day’s shoot, image analysis, editing and post production. My workshops are collaborative and can help you discover your own visual language as well as practical know how about photographing landscapes, people, street and night time photography.

             Drop me an email if you’re interested in exploring further – – my next big assignment will be Loy Khratong, on 26th. to 29th. October 2012, as it is celebrated in Isaan.

    Best wishes,

    Paul Woodhouse

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